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, Love Triangles:  custody and visitation in SC

Love Triangles: custody and visitation in SC

Love Triangles By M. J. Goodwin Country music artist RaeLynn’s song “Love Triangle” really hit a chord with me.   In addition to representing parents in Family Court, I do a lot of Guardian...

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DO SOMETHING! By M. J. Goodwin I often hear clients say “Something has to be done!”  This is usually a knee jerk reaction to some stimulus that the client finds offensive.  What the client...

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The Tension Between Family Court and Criminal Court

THE TENSION BETWEEN FAMILY COURT AND CRIMINAL COURT BY M. J. Goodwin   While they have different jurisdictions and cover different cases, the Family and Criminal Courts sometimes overlap for the individuals involved.  This...

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Family Court Will Not Help a Person to Feel Better

By M. J. Goodwin I believe that Family Court is, in many ways, a necessary evil. Without it, people would not be able to divide assets, get child support, protect children or move on...

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Writing Guardian ad Litem Reports in SC

How to Write Guardian Ad Litem Reports | 15 Recommendations (or Suggestions) By M. J. Goodwin, Esquire It’s twenty-five days before a four day contested custody trial in your first guardian ad litem case....

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