All in a Week’s Work

This week, as a divorce lawyer in Anderson, SC, I saw a client with an adulterous husband, a client with a drug addicted husband, a husband with a mentally ill wife, a client who needs to give her children up for adoption and leave the United States, and several folks who have serious emotional problems.  My partner saw a family who had to bury their daughter and file for custody of a grandchild.  So why am I writing about this?  The point here is that the practice of family law, whether is in the area of divorce, custody or something akin to those painful things, is about more than law.  It is also about people.  The people who come to our firm are usually hurting.  At Goodwin Attorney at Law, LLC, we realize that.  We make every effort to make the process of going through Family Court less stressful.  Of course we are only human beings and cannot remove all the stress.  But we can and do listen and have a creative approach to problem solving.  So if you find yourself in need of a divorce lawyer or a criminal defense attorney in Anderson or Upstate South Carolina, consider us.  We will be honored to help you.



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