Drama, Trauma and the Truth in Family Court

Drama, Trauma and the Truth in Family Court

By M. J. Goodwin, Goodwin Law, Anderson, South Carolina

Family Court cases are very trying, even traumatic, for the litigants involved and their families. Litigants worry about the possible outcomes and have a desperate desire for certainty. Unfortunately, especially in the beginning, uncertainty as to what will happen is much more common than certainty. However, getting advice from an experienced family court lawyer may help put a litigant’s mind at ease.

While I tell every client that I cannot give them odds of winning, I can assure them that for most cases, the following is true:

*If you can reach an agreement, that is usually better than having a judge decide your case. However, this does not mean you should agree to something that is impossible, unrealistic or not in the best interest of the children.
*Both parents are going to get to see the children. Absent incarceration or other extreme circumstances, even parents who have done terrible things get to see their children in a limited or supervised setting.
*Nobody gets everything. Nobody gets nothing.
*If you have any marital assets, including retirement accounts or bank accounts that are solely in your name, they are subject to division.  You may need a lawyer to help you determine what assets are marital and what are non-marital.
*In the early stages of a case, the Court seeks to identify and maintain normalcy or “status quo” situations for children.
*There is no rule that mothers automatically get custody.
*Anyone who promises you a certain outcome is either a liar or a fool.

I have written extensively on various topics of Family Law.  Much of what I have written can be found in this searchable blog.

I always tell my clients the truth, even if it is not what they want to hear. Family court cases are financially expensive. They are also emotionally and mentally taxing. The best thing a litigant can do is hire the most experienced lawyer possible and then listen to and follow the advice that they have paid good money to obtain.

I have 29 years in Family Court behind me, over half my life. I cannot guarantee you what will happen, but I can guarantee you that your case will be presented in the most advantageous way possible.  And I guarantee that I will tell you the truth, even if it is not what you want to hear.  Contact me by email at mj@mjgoodwin.com



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