Sample Cases and Outcomes

Representative cases are not listed in order to preserve my clients’ privacy.

Criminal Cases

  • Obstacle: client charged with armed robbery based on alleged co-conspirator’s statement; established alibi defense
  • Outcome: client’s charges were not prosecuted.
  • Obstacle: client charged with burglary and grand larceny based on statements of another charged defendant. obtained information that proved the person giving the statement was the one responsible for the crime.
  • Outcome: client’s charges were not prosecuted.
  • Obstacle: client charged in a large, State Grand Jury drug case, named “Reno 911” by law enforcement. This sting operation had substantial media coverage. The case file consisted of 1891 pages and had many hours of audio recordings.
  • Outcome: A thorough review of the evidence by the firm of Goodwin Law, resulted in all charges against our firm’s client being dismissed.

Custody Case

  • Obstacle: client wanted custody of his children, based on other parent’s unfitness. Evidence of unfitness included school issues and supervision issues, including unsupervised use of MySpace.
  • Outcome: client gained custody of both children.

Divorce Case

  • Obstacle: client and estranged spouse had participated in a “swingers” lifestyle. estranged spouse then began an extramarital affair outside of the “swinger” lifestyle. client wanted divorce on the ground of adultery.
  • Outcome: successfully proved adultery at trial; client was awarded custody, alimony and attorney fees.

Visitation Case

  • Obstacle: male client (father) with visitation suspended due to prior drug abuse and psychiatric issues; change of circumstance case filed;
  • Outcome: client achieved unsupervised visitation and normalized visitation with his children within a reasonable period of time.