Getting therapy during a divorce or custody case is not a bad thing! By M. J. Goodwin

Getting therapy is not a bad thing!  By M. J. Goodwin


Mental health and emotional issues, such as depression and even suicidal thoughts, are often part of a Family Law case.  It is my hope that all attorneys practicing in the area of Family Law can recognize when their clients need professional help from a counselor or psychiatrist.  A good divorce/custody lawyer will make that referral immediately upon seeing the need for it.  A good lawyer will have relationships with several counselors to help their clients find help.  A lawyer certainly cannot make the client get help, but he or she can strongly suggest it to be in the client’s best interest.


There is more to a Family Law practice than just the law.  There is also more than just “winning” in Court.  Family Law, probably more than any other area of law, has a real human element.  We are talking about the break up of a family unit.  However you define it, family is what matters most to all of us.  It is intimately connected to our individual well being.  Ending a family unit, even under the best of circumstances, is stressful.


There is no shame in seeking help.  In my experience, it does not “hurt” the case to seek help.  To the contrary, individuals who identify and solve problems are strong and stable.  That is just the type of custodial parent the court is looking to find.


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  • Don

    I am in total agreement with you. Far too increasingly, i am finding that individuals do not take the time necessary to keep themselves mentally balanced. The resulting chaos causes temporary, and oftentimes permanent damage, to the individual and, more importantly, to the child(ren) who is the subject of the litigation.

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