What’s in a Label?

Those of you who follow my column, Legal Pad, at andersonobserver.com, probably have gleaned by now that I tend to lean toward the conservative.  I am a proponent of personal responsibility and limited government.  I believe in the rule of law. During a conversation today with a colleague, who comes at things from a much more liberal mindset, I realized that most Americans probably come to the same conclusion about what they want out of life here in this great country.  And it doesn’t matter if we are conservative or liberal or progressive or whatever we are calling ourselves today.  We want to have a good life.  We want our kids to be happy and to grow up to be productive citizens.  We want to be treated fairly.  So, in the interest of supporting my theory, I invite all of you to read my colleague’s information at gregoryforman.com.  He comes at things from a more liberal point of view than I do, but we usually reach the same conclusions in law and life.  Isn’t America great?



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