Private Investigators in Divorce and Custody Cases in SC

Hiring a private investigator early in a divorce case is a smart move

By M. J. Goodwin


Divorce is one of the most stressful situations an individual can face.  Separations occur in a variety of ways.  For example, some separations are carefully and sometimes even mutually planned.   Other separations happen during the heat of an argument or after discovery of an adulterous betrayal or even after the arrest of a spouse.


The smartest move is to contact an experienced divorce attorney before one chooses to leave a marriage.


There are many reasons why advanced planning is a smart move.  One such benefit that is often overlooked is the ability to hire a private investigator before you leave the marital home.   If you hire a private investigator before you leave your spouse, you have access to much more potential evidence.  In recent weeks, I have handled three cases involving pre-separation evidence that made all the difference at the first temporary hearing.


Divorce is driven by emotion.  Courts, however, run on evidence.  In order to obtain the most beneficial result in Court, a litigant needs good, legally obtained, admissible evidence.  An experienced divorce lawyer can help you get the evidence you need before you leave your marriage.


I take cases in Anderson County, South Carolina.  I have worked in Family Court for 29 years, which is over half my life.  I would be happy to help you evaluate your situation and determine what you need to do in order to get the best possible outcome in Family Court.


You can reach me by email: or by calling 864-375-0909.  Email is the most efficient way to communicate with me.

MJ Goodwin



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