Ride for the Brand!

Earlier this week, I posted a tongue in cheek Facebook status that stated I would have liked to have effected more change in Court today, but unfortunately the Founders set up a system that doesn’t allow me to do anything I want.  What really surprised me was how many people did not “get it.”  It was a not so veiled reference to President Obama’s statement to Matt Lauer of the NBC Today Show that he was frustrated that he had not be able to force Congress to do what he wanted.  He stated “It turns out that our founders designed a system that makes it more difficult to bring about change than I would like sometimes.”  This is an astonishing statement to come from the leader of the free world.  It reflects the President’s disdain for our bedrock of our government, our Constitution.

Ruth Baider Ginsburg made a similar statement this week regarding Egypt and its efforts to draft a new Constitution.  She stated “I would not look to the U.S. Constitution, if I were drafting a constitution in the year 2012.”  This shocking statement came from an educated, intelligent woman with a lifetime appointment as a United States Supreme Court Justice.  She has sworn to uphold our Constitution.  I think that includes showing the Constitution the public respect that it deserves.

This line of thought brings me to the old west sayings of the cowboy code.  One of the most important of those is “ride for the brand”.  That means being loyal to your own.  It means respecting those who gave you responsibility.  It means watching what you say publicly when you are in a position of power.  Don’t be a traitor. Accept hard times, do the best you can and move on together.  Don’t blame others for your failures.  And certainly don’t disrespect your country and all She is based upon.  Based on their statements this week, when it comes to questions of loyalty, I will take a cowboy over Obama or Ginsburg any day.

Anyone who has been to Court knows how important the rules are.  It should never be easy to just get what you want.  You should have to go through the proper channels.  You should have to afford others due process.  A judge should thoroughly consider the evidence and the law and apply it to a particular situation.  That is the reality of our system.  And I will put our brand up against any other brand in the world.  Our brand will be the best.  No doubt.  So, ride for the brand, America.



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