South Carolina Child Support Guidelines Updated!

As of July 1, 2014, South Carolina has revised and updated its child support guidelines.  This is the first update since 2006.  But don’t rush to file for a review unless you know how the updates will effect you.  The changes are comprehensive, but in some cases the support obligation is reduced and in other situations, the support obligation increases.  The best way to find out how these changes effect your current or future child support is to see an experienced family court attorney.  A brief consultation, with accurate information, can help you decide whether or not to seek relief from the Family Court.  The guidelines now cover monthly gross income of up to $30,000.  There are now very few South Carolina households that do not fall under these guidelines.

Know your numbers for gross monthly incomes, number of children in each home, day care costs, child’s health insurance costs and number of overnights with each parent and we can tell you what your child support obligation is.

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