South Carolina May Soon Have Same-Sex Marriage

South Carolina May Soon Have Same-Sex Marriage

By M. J. Goodwin


The United States Supreme Court is slowly clearing the way for same-sex marriage in South Carolina.  This will likely be met with cheers and jeers.  See the New York Times article:

The purpose of this blog is not to debate the merits of same-sex marriage, but rather to address the question: what then?  As a divorce lawyer for over two decades, my advice to ALL couples (“straight” or “gay”) will be:  Just because you CAN get married doesn’t mean you SHOULD get married.

I suspect that the eventual lift of the ban on same-sex marriage and the resulting excitement will lead to a rush to the wedding officials.  It shouldn’t.

My thought is this:  all of the problems that exist in “straight” marriages will exist in “gay” marriages.  There will be arguments over money; there will be infidelity; there will domestic violence; there will be substance abuse.  A marriage certificate only amplifies any problems that are already there.  So don’t rush into it just because you can.

If you have assets, consider a prenup.  If you have issues in a relationship, consider some counseling before you tie the knot.

Finally, if you do enter into marriage, whether “straight” or “gay”,  and things don’t work out, remember that all the laws on the divorce books will also apply to the same-sex marriages once they are legal.  So, the rules regarding equitable division of property and the rules regarding alimony will apply to everyone.

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