What if your spouse won’t sign the Divorce Decree?

What if your spouse says that he/she won’t “sign for the divorce”?

By M. J. Goodwin


I was asked today, by a distraught spouse, what would happen if the other spouse refused to “sign for the divorce.” This is a common question and one that seems to cause considerable distress. The easy answer is: it’s fine, the only person who has to sign for the divorce is the judge, on the final Decree of Divorce.

I think what most people mean, when they say this sort of thing, is that they plan to contest the divorce or make things difficult for the spouse to proceed. It can be viewed as a last ditch, desperate effort to maintain control in a marriage. Or maybe it is the pain of the break-up speaking a broken heart’s wish for reconciliation.   Other than that it’s meaningless. It is important to remember that a person cannot stop a divorce by simply objecting to it. As long as the Plaintiff has sufficient evidence to go forward and prove the grounds for divorce, the divorce will ultimately be granted by the Family Court. This is not to say that it won’t take time and cost money. But the one thing I can guarantee a divorcing a spouse is that he or she will no longer have to live with his or her spouse.

So if you want out of a bad marriage and your spouse “won’t sign for the divorce”, don’t dismay. Contact me, or another experienced divorce lawyer. I will be happy to represent you, take care of the paperwork and the Court proceedings and get you single. Don’t worry about that signature. You don’t need it. And if you are the one who doesn’t want to sign for the divorce, you don’t have to sign. The Family Court Judge is the only signature required on a Divorce Decree.

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