Tax Refunds and “Uncontested” Divorces in SC

Tax Refunds and “Uncontested” Divorces

By M. J. Goodwin


I have previously written about the Myth of the Uncontested Divorce.


It is my experience that the tax refunds that appear this time of year lead many people who have been separated for some time to suddenly have the money necessary to actually legalize their separation or divorce. While these parties may have gotten along, for the most part, as separated spouses over recent months, they have done so due to financial necessity, not because they actually have an agreement. Once the paperwork is drafted and the action filed at the Courthouse, what began as an “uncontested” divorce may end up being far more complicated. For example, parties may be fine with “splitting the bills” but not fine with “paying alimony” or “issuing a QDRO to divide retirement.” It is at this point that both parties are in need of competent, experienced legal counsel.


Filing for separate maintenance or divorce, whether contested or not, involves a lot of paperwork. The paperwork has consequences for one’s daily life. For example, if one completes the paperwork incorrectly, one runs the risk of having to live with an unfavorable Court order, possibly forever.


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