So What’s the Big Deal about the No Concealable Weapons Signs? Part 2

So What’s the Big Deal about the No Concealable Weapons Signs?  Part Two

By M. J. Goodwin


A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about some businesses in Anderson, South Carolina, that had posted “No Concealable Weapons” signs.   The post can be found here:


That blog post has had far more hits than anything else I have ever written.  At last check, over 8000 people have seen that post.  The fact that it drew so much attention amazes me.   And it shows how seriously people take their right to bear arms.


Today, I was made aware that two of the businesses I wrote about:  Catch and Fetch Seafood Company and J. Peters Restaurant on Main Street, have removed their no concealable weapons signs.  Catch and Fetch is even openly advertising the removal on their Facebook page.  As a result, I had an excellent lunch there today.


I don’t know what caused the change of heart.  There was a good bit of discussion in the community, which is gun-friendly as a whole, about the issue.  Maybe the people in power truly had a change of heart, a change of understanding about the nature of criminals and what that sign really meant.  Maybe people quit eating there and it was just about the bottom line.  I have had conversations with Second Amendment supporters today who seem to believe that the reason for the change of heart matters.  I am not sure it does.  What ultimately matters is that citizens who have chosen to apply for and obtain a CWP can now legally carry in those establishments.  Nobody has to chose between good food and self-protection.


In our rush of excitement about these two businesses now allowing concealed carry, I encourage folks not to forget about the hundreds of businesses in Anderson that never posted the sign at all.  Continue to frequent those businesses too.  Remember that Pete’s on Concord posted a sign actually welcoming concealed carry.


I think the most important thing for everyone to remember is that “no concealable weapons” signs do not protect anyone from anything.  Rather, they exacerbate the potential for harm by creating potential victim pools for would be law breakers and evil doers.  Again, I have never seen anyone post an “I don’t have any guns” sign on the front of their home.  To do such a thing would be madness and would invite trouble.


So today is a good day for the Second Amendment.  And a good day for the people of Anderson.  All of the restaurants I have mentioned here are locally owned and operated.  So eat local.  And be safe.  And if you want a CWP, apply for one.  Learn your rights and be informed.  Never be a victim.



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